Pomona CUE Conference
This presentation was an overview of a few of these new tools. During this presentation the following was done live:
  1. 1.Ran Windows natively.
  2. 2.Created a Website in minutes using a digital camera and pictures of the audience.
  3. 3.Uploaded the Web files to a file server on the Internet in seconds by double clicking to launch a two line Unix script.
  4. 4.Led students on a brief Internet tour using a teacher created AppleScript independently of the teacher.
  5. 5.Showed that Apple’s new Pages word processor and page layout program is completely XML based and demonstrated how powerful that type of technology is by using a bluetooth scanner to scan an ISBN number from a book, pass the number to the computer via wireless bluetooth and then to use that number to look up data about the book on Amazon live on the Internet and then to pull the Title, author, and other information including a picture of the cover into the presenters personal database of his home library using Delicious Library software.
  6. 6.Took control of another Macintosh remotely in seconds using the OS X.4’s built-in VNC server on the remote machine and the free Open Source Chicken of the VNC client on the controlling machine.
  7. 7.Took control of a Windows XP machine via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection to Windows built-in remote server software.
  8. 8.Took control of a Macintosh OS X.4 machine from a Windows XP machine running a free downloaded client.
  9. 9.Used the MacBook Pro’s built-in iSight camera and microphone to Unicast video and audio live to another OS X.4 machine and to set it up live in seconds.
  10. 10.Developed a relatively complex and useful application that backs up a file or folder to a CD or DVD without writing a line of code using Apple’s Automator.
All of this was done in under an hour live!
This site links to files created by Raymond G. Harder and Alida Lucas as part of our  presentation at the May 20th Cue conference held at the Village at Indian Hill.
May 20, 2006
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